We practice personalised medicine.

We blend the science of modern medicine, functional medicine, genetics and nutrition to find and treat the root cause of your health condition. Find out how we work below.

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Book your discovery call

Book a free 10 min discovery call to have a brief exploration of your health concerns and how we can help, will allow you to decide if this is the correct path for you.


Make An Appointment

Once you’re ready to start your journey of personalised healthcare, you will receive a set of questionnaires to fill in. The questionnaires provide a detailed account of your medical history including past and current symptoms, as well as your current food, sleep and exercise patterns.

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First Consultation

Your first consultation is usually 90 minutes long. This is your time to share your story without feeling rushed.


The consultation enables your doctor to better understand your situation and then a discussion about how best to move forward for you. Specialised laboratory testing may be suggested if needed. You will also be given a set of tools to help you through the initial few weeks and a comprehensive written report of the consultation will be provided within the few days after the initial appointment.


At this stage we may suggest a variety of interventions and working with a nutritional therapist can help with making this personalised and our health coaches can help with implementation – often the hardest part. This is not essential but experience tells us it is very useful.


Follow Up Consultation

A follow up consultation at about 4 -6 weeks is 45 – 60 mins long. Here we will discuss progress and any test results. It is at this point where you, together with your doctor, will discuss the next steps. This may include further suggestions to improve nutrition, exercise and sleep choices, or specific investigations if not done previously. We may also prescribe medication or supplements appropriate to your situation. Your doctor may also suggest ongoing involvement of one of our other recommended practitioners, such as a nutritional therapist, a health coach or a personal exercise coach. You will again receive a detailed report of the consultation.

We also welcome working together with your NHS GP and are happy to provide them with a report if you wish.

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