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functional medicine menopause clinic cornwall

Functional Medicine has now landed in Cornwall providing a personalised and integrated approach to healthcare through Mosaic Medicals nationwide virtual clinic. By considering individual circumstances and considering the whole patient story including genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, and risk factors before considering a treatment plan, it enables us to identify the root cause rather than being symptom led to help us reverse chronic disease.


To achieve this there are multiple services offered by Mosaic which include:


  1. Functional Medicine
  2. Menopause Care
  3. Breast Cancer Services

Functional Medicine

By combining traditional western medical training with specialised functional medicine training, personalised medical care is obtainable by focussing on the root cause of disease and to unpick these causes. 


This will involve;


  • Detailed and extensive medical history taking
  • Consideration of lifestyle; nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health and supplements
  • Specialised testing
  • Personalised treatment plans
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Menopause Care

Peri-menopause and menopause are often areas of healthcare where patients can feel isolated and unsure which is why we have developed a service to provide the following;


  • Detailed and extensive medical history taking
  • Guidance on individual risks and benefits
  • Specialist hormonal panels analysing the metabolism of the different sex hormones
  • Personalised treatment plans that include nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, supplements and HRT.

Breast Cancer Services

With the prevalence of breast cancer being a top concern for many of our patients we offer a service dedicated to patients who have suffered from breast cancer with the focus on preventing reoccurrence or for those patients whose genetics or family history determines a higher risk.


This will include;


  • Working with a specialist oncology focussed functional medicine doctor and nutritional therapist
  • Specialist tests that look at your hormonal patterns, nutrigenomics and personal risk factors
  • A personalised plan to manage risks going forward and to support you with ongoing symptoms.
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Get In Touch

If you are interested in seeing one of our specialist Functional Medicine doctors, you can book a free discovery call HERE or you can directly book an initial consultation HERE.
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