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The Cotswolds in Oxfordshire is home to a new and innovative Breast Cancer Service which is part of a leading nationwide Functional Medicine Practice. We are a doctor-led virtual practice providing fully personalised medical care which takes into account your unique genetics, life history, nutrition and lifestyle. Our approach is proactive and collaborative. We look for and address the root cause of your problems with the aim of putting you back in charge of your health.


Our services include:


  1. Breast Cancer Services
  2. Menopause Care
  3. Functional Medicine

Breast Cancer Services

Our specialist Breast Cancer Service is for anyone who has had breast cancer and wants to learn about reducing their risk of recurrence. We can also see people who have a strong family history of breast cancer and are concerned about their breast cancer risk.


Our approach:


  • You will work with our oncology team which includes a Specialist Doctor and a Nutritional Therapist, both trained in Integrative Oncology.
  • We use functional testing such as blood work, urinary DUTCH testing and nutrigenomics (modifiable genes involved in breast cancer risk) to look in detail at your personal risk factors and identify specific actions to help you reduce their impact.
  • You can read more about this service here
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Menopause Care

Our specialist menopause clinic can help you to navigate what can be a challenging time for many women.
Our menopause doctors are trained in both menopause care and Functional Medicine to ensure that you have access to comprehensive, safe and uniquely personalised menopause care.


Our approach:


  • We carry out a comprehensive assessment looking at all aspects of health and lifestyle that can impact hormone balance.
  • We support you to manage perimenopausal symptoms through a range of strategies that may include hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and targeted supplementation as well as nutrition and lifestyle interventions.
  • We offer detailed assessment of healthy oestrogen elimination for those on oestrogen-containing HRT using urinary DUTCH testing.
  • There are membership options for those wanting ongoing support.

Functional Medicine

We want to truly understand the ‘root cause’ of your illness and help you feel well again. We see many patients with complex disorders or chronic health problems that are struggling to find solutions in the conventional medicine arena.


Our approach:


  • We carry out comprehensive health assessments to really understand all aspects of your lifestyle, nutrition and medical history.
  • You may be offered functional testing and advanced diagnostics if we feel that this information will add to your care.
  • At every stage you will receive fully personalised treatment plans including nutrition and lifestyle coaching.
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Get in Touch

Our doctors all have experience working in the NHS in addition to extensive training in Functional Medicine. If you are interested in seeing one of our specialist Functional Medicine doctors, you can book a free discovery call HERE or you can directly book an initial consultation HERE.

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