The UK’s first nationwide doctor-led Functional Medicine group practice

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The Mosaic approach

Blending the science of modern medicine, functional medicine, genetics and nutrition to find and treat the root cause of your health condition.


Our training started at medical school many years ago and the grounding of conventional medicine that we have is at the foundation of all that we do. This breadth of understanding underpins the Mosaic Approach. When you come to see us, we can apply this just like when you go to see your GP or a hospital doctor. The difference though is that we have so much more time. We can really listen to what is concerning you and work out the best way to improve things – whilst also being alert to any sets of symptoms that may indicate something serious that may need managing in a specialist manner.

We also have an understanding of what previous conditions you may have had and what medications you are taking.

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Nutrition is an important area when addressing the root cause of disease, and we often take a ‘food first’ approach. We offer further testing to assess nutritional status if indicated.

In addition, we often focus on gut health. Medical science is increasingly realising that Hippocrates was right all along. 70% of our immune function comes from the gut, along with certain hormones that affect our weight, mood and wellbeing. This means that we often investigate and treat the gut, even in the absence of obvious gut symptoms…and with good results.

Sometimes we work with expert nutritionists to help you with a personalised nutrition plan to get the best outcomes. We will happily advise you when this is needed.


Since Watson and Crick discovered the double helix that makes up our DNA in the 1950’s, our understanding of our genes has been increasing exponentially. We now know that it is not just our genes that make us who we are, it is how they are turned on and off. We carry the same DNA in every cell of our body, but switching genes on and off enables cells to behave differently depending on what they are designed to do. Nerve cells, muscle cells or skin cells need to work differently to each other despite containing the same ‘code’. This switching on and off by our genes can be affected through environment and lifestyle. You may have a genetic tendency towards certain diseases, and lifestyle factors can have a significant impact on your future risk of disease. As part of the Mosaic Approach, we can look at DNA codes which indicate genetic tendencies towards health issues. We use this information to personalise and prioritise the sometimes overwhelming amount of health advice, to that which is the most applicable to you. The laboratory we use to do this has an excellent track record in accuracy, using test pairing to provide an even clearer insight. This lab provides far more accurate information than can be ascertained from ‘direct to consumer’ genetic testing..

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