Investing In Your Health

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We understand that everyone is unique-this includes your health, the complexity of your illness, and where you are in the journey to feeling better. The prices below give you an idea of costs – additionally, there may be tests, supplements, or medication to factor in. Please note, we believe that children are not small adults and warrant specialist input so we would suggest that for your child you look for a paediatric Functional Medicine clinic.


All of our appointments are virtual unless clinically indicated. If you have a reason to prefer to be seen face to face please email to arrange this. There is a slightly higher fee for this due to increased overheads.

The first step is – Choose your doctor and book a free ten-minute discovery call to discuss your concerns and better understand what we do. This will allow you to make a clearer decision about whether you would like to work with us to address your health concerns and will help us be able to advise if we can help. You will receive a discovery call booklet with detailed pricing outlined when you book this. 

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Prices For Appointments

Initial medical consultation (90 mins - £450 with Associate Doctor or £575 with Co-Founder)

Initial concise consultation (60 mins - £325)

Follow up medical consultation

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