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functional medicine menopause clinic bristol

A doctor-led Functional Medicine service is now running from Bristol, as part of the nationwide virtual clinic established by Mosaic Medical. This service aims to provide a fully personalised approach to your health, factoring in your unique genetics, life history, lifestyle, nutrition and life values. These areas are then used to form a basis from which we will work with you to address your health needs.

Functional Medicine

All of our doctors have trained in conventional medicine, hold GMC membership and have worked and had years of experience within the NHS. Whilst they have all seen the benefits to health with the conventional approach, they have also seen how many conditions and particularly chronic health issues do not necessarily improve with this approach. This led to further exploration and subsequent training with the Institute of Functional Medicine, a pioneering approach that started in America several decades ago.

Functional Medicine seeks to look for and address the ‘Root Causes’ for why we are feeling unwell rather than focusing on treating the symptoms.


Our approach involves:


  • A comprehensive assessment of your health, from conception to the current day
  • Nutrition, Movement, Sleep and Wellbeing Analysis and Advice
  • Advanced diagnostic testing relating to gut health, hormonal function and nutritional needs.
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Menopause Care & Breast Cancer Services

We also run services specifically related to Menopause Care and, new for 2024, a specialist service supporting women with Breast Cancer (run by Dr Amy Walker).

Get in Touch

If you are interested in working with our team of Specialist Functional Medicine doctors, then please click HERE to book a free discovery call or you can book an initial consultation directly HERE
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