The Cost Of Chronic Illness

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We live in an age where we are sold we can ‘have it all’ – but for most people, that’s not actually true. We’re told success can be found in the material, we work hard to get to become a high-flying executive and buy things. We’re so busy, it’s easier to eat food ‘off the shelf’ rather than home-cooked, send a text, rather than call, call rather than meet.

Our lifestyle is designed with ‘hacks’ to allow us to be more productive, but the busyness and endless stress of doing more is what causes a majority of chronic health issues to form. And then we’re sold the ‘’health-hacks’, the wonder-supplements, the smoothies, the 4-min work-outs, to get us to feel better. We’re told to ‘take responsibility’ for our health – when in reality, the culture is set up to make it very hard to do that.

When we stand back and allow it to drop in that the culture of busyness has trained most of us to ignore our tiredness, pull ourselves together and push through our emotions, ‘get rid’ of our weaknesses and pain, it’s no wonder we are where we are. There’s no one to blame here, least of all ourselves.

To start to re-build a full and sustainable picture of health, no matter where you are, is not another thing to get busy with. Mosaic Medical are here to start to piece together the puzzles of seemingly incurable symptoms by looking at each piece. Only by slowing down and taking the time to understand and see the bigger picture, can we start to unravel the havoc that growing up in chronic busy lives has caused in our bodies. This is how we heal chronic illness one piece at a time.

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