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functional medicine menopause clinic dorset

Dorset has been home to Mosaic Medical since 2020, offering Functional Medicine to help with understanding and addressing the Root Cause of chronic health issues.


All of the doctors at Mosaic Medical can see patients based in Dorset due to us offering a virtual, UK-wide service although if there is a clinical need patients can be seen face to face at times.

Functional Medicine

Our training in this enables us to treat health conditions in a sustainable way – when we understand the root cause of a problem then we can manage it from the core of the issue – just like treating the roots of a plant even when it is the leaves that may show the problem.


To achieve this we utilise:

  1. Personalised health assessments to understand your specific situation
  2. Diagnostic testing – which may or may not be available in the NHS
  3. Analysis of nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing
    All of our doctors have undertaken training with the Institute of Functional Medicine and we work as a team so if a case is complex then we have regular clinical meetings to ensure you have the best plan in place.

To treat issues we use a wide range of modalities, from food, lifestyle, targeted supplements, prescribed medication and much more.

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Menopause Care

This stage of life can be a real challenge for women. When Dr Andie set up the Dorset arm of Mosaic Medical this was a real focus – and it remains so.


We bring together the best evidence for managing menopause and peri-menopause. This means we use food, nutrients, hormonal treatments and more to help women thrive at this time of life. To personalise this we look at hormones and their metabolism which can involve Dutch hormone testing, stool testing and blood tests depending on the individual needs.


Our doctors have all worked in conventional medicine and trained in Functional Medicine in order to offer this integrative approach to care.

Breast Cancer Services

New for 2024 is Mosaic Medical’s specialist breast cancer service. This is run by Dr Amy Walker however she is able to see patients from all over the UK due to our virtual set-up.


If you have already had breast cancer or are concerned about your own risk of this all too common condition then please get in touch.


There is now empowering evidence of genetic and metabolic changes which can predispose you to breast cancer. On the plus side there is also evidence of how to reduce the risks these changes pose.


We carry out comprehensive assessments to look at your personal risk and then make a plan to reduce that risk. Assessments include hormone tests (Dutch), blood tests, stool analysis and targeted genetic profiling

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Coming Soon

We will soon be launching membership programs for menopause and for healthy aging – looking at how to improve health span and longevity


If you are interested in seeing one of our specialist Functional Medicine doctors, you can book a free discovery call HERE or you can directly book an initial consultation HERE.

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