Dr Rob Douglas


Introducing Dr Rob Douglas


Rob is a Functional Medicine medical doctor and GP based in Bristol. Having studied medicine in Bristol he went on to complete hospital specialty jobs in both the UK and New Zealand before settling back in the West Country.

Rob has been struck over the last 14 years as a GP by the way chronic health conditions are treated with a specific medication or procedure for a specific issue whereas experience has shown that we are more complex than this. He noticed that there are often complex intertwined symptoms and could see the impact lifestyle, nutrition and stressors also affected health.

Rob started to read about new discoveries and research into the role and influence of the gut and nutrition on our immune system, on our hormonal system, on our brain function and on pain perception. He became fascinated by how our health is so powerfully impacted by both the genes we inherit and the lifestyle exposures that we experience.

This led Rob to functional medicine and a systems-based biology approach – which asked further questions as to why the symptoms were occurring and new approaches to support the body in repairing itself. Looking at a patient using the combination of years of clinical experience and Functional Medicine really enables a Root Cause approach which is at the heart of Mosaic Medical.

Rob is registered with the Institute of Functional Medicine and has completed additional advanced training in Gastrointestinal health, Cardiometabolic health, Immune health, Environmental health, Hormone and Mitochondrial Health. He holds full registration with the General Medical Council and has undertaken Membership to the Royal College of General Practitioners. This combination of training means Rob can really work with patients to provide a personalised and holistic approach to health.

When not working family life and four children keep my life very full. Rob loves getting outside walking, running, mountain biking, paddleboarding, or getting lost for an hour playing guitar.

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