Dr Priya Bhana

Dr Priya Bhana

Introducing co-founder Dr Priya Bhana


Growing up with a father who is also a GP, it meant that I experienced, from a young age, the joy of helping others feel better. Following in my father’s footsteps and from very early on in my medical career I knew I wanted to be in Family Medicine.

Following our move from South Africa to the UK twenty years ago, I completed my UK GP training. It was during this training when the seeds of Nutritional Medicine were first sowed, discovering the positive effects of good nutrition and how it could be used in conjunction with conventional medicine to reduce clinical symptoms and improve overall health. This remained with me and since then I’ve always strived to incorporate my patient’s environment and lifestyle in their treatment plans.

I’ve worked as a GP in the NHS for more than 10 years and continue to practise in South West London. I enjoy working with all ages and have always been intrigued by the person and the story behind their illness. Looking back, I’ve always been practising elements of Functional Medicine (FM) – however, it wasn’t until 5 years ago when I sought the help of a FM doctor for my own autoimmune health problems that I became aware of the FM model. Going through this journey myself, it cemented in my mind how I would like to practise medicine.

In a time where it is expected that more than half of the population will have a chronic condition, I believe it’s more important than ever to look at why, and how, we can prevent and treat chronic conditions. For this reason my training in Functional Medicine has developed and I am now fully certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine. I have also trained in epigenetics with both DNA life and Lifecode Gx in addition to training in detoxification and SIBO.

At Mosaic Medical, we are passionate about growing the awareness of Functional Medicine and supporting practitioners who are new to this field of medicine through our mentorship programme. I am one of the mentors and love sharing, teaching and learning with like-minded individuals.

I hold full registration with the General Medical Council and with The Institute of Functional Medicine.

I live in South West London with my husband and two children. In my downtime I enjoy various exercise classes, listening to audiobooks, experimenting with fermenting different foods and sprouting seeds, and love a coffee catch up with friends.

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